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Maintain that showroom finish and value of your Audi.

Whether it's a coffee stain on the upholstery, a door ding from a shopping cart, or a scuffed rim from parallel parking gone wrong, little accidents can quickly spoil the finish of your Audi and reduce its resale value. Audi After Care Appearance Protection is designed to protect your Audi vehicle from common mishaps that can quickly deteriorate its original showroom finish.

Appearance Protection is available for new, Certified :plus and used Audi vehicles. The program has customizable plans to suit your coverage needs and the length of time you intend on owning your Audi. With Appearance Protection on board, you will have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will always look its best while maximizing its resale value.

Appearance Protection Coverage2

Interior protectionRepair of damage to the interior vinyl, fabric and leather components.

Head/Tail light protectionRepair or replacement of damaged head and tail lights.

Paintless dent removalRemoval of small dents on exterior vertical body panels without harming the original finish of your vehicle.

Key and keyless remote replacementReplacement of lost, stolen or damaged keys and/or keyless entry remotes.

Paint repairRepair of non-collision related paint damage on exterior surfaces including painted bumpers.

Tire and rim protectionRepair or replacement of Audi recommended tires and/or rims for damage caused by road hazards.

Car rental benefitCar rental reimbursement is included for any eligible claim.

Curb scuff repairRepair of cosmetic wheel damage caused by accidental curb scuff during routine parking maneuvers.

Front windshield protectionFront windshield repair or replacement for damage caused by road hazards.

24 Hour roadside assistanceRoadside Assistance can be added to your Appearance Protection coverage. 1. All term maximum values are inclusive of taxes and subject to any per claim limits and the terms of the contract. 2. Damage due to collision and vandalism is excluded. Please refer to contract for complete coverage details.

Coverage Plans
Interior protection
Paintless dent removal
Paint repair
Car rental benefit
Front windshield repair
Front windshield replacement
Head/Tail light protection
Key and keyless remote replacement
Tire and rim repair or replacement
Tire and rim repair
Curb scuff repair
Roadside assistance
Included coverage

Optional coverage
Benefit Limits
Coverage Term max value1
with Tire and rim repair or replacement $20,000
with Tire and rim repair $20,000
with Tire and rim repair or replacement $10,000
with Tire and rim repair $6,000
with Tire and rim replacement $5,000
with Tire and rim repair $1,000
OTHER SPECIAL LIMITS (regardless of the plan)
Paint repair $2,000
Curb scuff repair $800
Front windshield replacement $500
24 Hour roadside assistance Unlimited
The Audi Advantage
Fully Backed by Audi Canada
Appearance Protection is the only product of its kind backed
by Audi Canada. Get the protection you need from a name
you can trust.
Genuine Audi Parts
Appearance Protection provides genuine Audi parts when a
replacement is required, up to the maximum term value per
Fully Transferrable
You may transfer the remaining term of your Appearance
Protection contract to another private purchaser.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
You may cancel Appearance Protection for a full refund
within 60 days of your contract purchase date.
Coverage Network
Appearance Protection offers coverage within Canada and
the contiguous United States and Alaska.
No Deductible
No deductible will apply during the contract term for any
covered benefits provided.
Typical Repair Costs3
Windshield replacement $1,215
Key and keyless remote replacement $350 - $550
Curb scuff repair $250 & up
Tire replacement $350 - $850
Rim replacement $950 & up
Paintless dent removal $150 & up
Stone chip windshield repair $75
Repair of scratched leather interior $400
3. Vehicle repair costs can vary based upon many factors. The values above are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent your repair costs.
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The contents provided in this brochure are only a summary of certain terms and conditions of the contract. Please refer to the actual contract for complete details of coverage and exclusions. The terms and conditions of the contract shall supersede the contents provided in this brochure. The contract may not be available in all Provinces or Territories and specific provisions may vary based upon individual Provincial or Territorial requirements. (E&OE). All rights reserved. "Audi" and the Audi logo are registered trademarks of AUDI AG.

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