Appearance Protection at Audi Midtown Toronto

Appearance Protection

Maintain that showroom finish and value of your Audi.

Keep that pristine finish to your Audi. Appearance Protection ensures your Audi keeps its eye-catching appeal for up to 250,000 kilometres. With Appearance Protection you can ensure your vehicle looks great and maintains its best value for years to come. With coverage throughout Canada and the contiguous U.S. you are now in even better shape from life’s uncertainty.

Appearance Protection Benefits:

Audi Appearance protection covers many forms of unexpected mishaps, including:

  • Door dings
  • Rock chips to the windshield
  • Spilled liquids damaging the interior
  • Bent wheels or punctured tires


Levels of coverage:

Interior Protection Damage of rips, tears to interior fabric, vinyl, or leather repaired. Coverage against spills such as coffee, milk, and soft drinks. Juice spills and cigarette burns are not covered.
Paintless Dent Removal
Covers small dents on exterior vertical body panels without harming the original finish.
Paint Repair
Repair of damage to the paint on exterior surfaces, including painted bumpers. Coverage limited to $2,000 in aggregate, inclusive of taxes, for the term of the contract. Coverage does not include damage from collisions.
Key/Keyless Remote Replacement
Replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged keys or keyless remotes. Includes cost of key recoding and remote re-programming.
Car Rental Benefit
Every approved claim is eligible for a rental vehicle benefit up to $50 (inclusive of taxes).
Front Windshield Protection
Front windshield repair or replacement for damage caused by road hazards. A maximum of one windshield replacement shall be covered during the term of the contract, up to a maximum of $500.
Head/Tail Light Protecton
Head and tail light repair or replacement. Coverage does not include damage from collisions or vandalism.
Curb Scuff Repair
Coverage for wheel damage caused by curb scuffing during routine parking maneuvers. Coverage limited to twice per contract term, up to $400 per event.
Optional 24-hour Roadside Assistance
Coverage includes towing, winching, battery boost, fuel delivery, tire change, and lockout service. Maximum of $100 inclusive of taxes, per occurrence.

The Audi Advantage

Fully Backed by Audi Canada

Appearance Protection is the only product of its kind backed
by Audi Canada. Get the protection you need from a name
you can trust.

Genuine Audi Parts

Appearance Protection provides genuine Audi parts when a
replacement is required, up to the maximum term value per

Fully Transferable

You may transfer the remaining term of your Appearance
Protection contract to another private purchaser.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You may cancel Appearance Protection for a full refund
within 60 days of your contract purchase date.

Coverage Network

Appearance Protection offers coverage within Canada and
the contiguous United States and Alaska.

No Deductible

No deductible will apply during the contract term for any
covered benefits provided.


Typical Repair Costs

Windshield replacement $1,215
Key and keyless remote replacement $350 - $550
Curb scuff repair $250 & up
Tire replacement $350 - $850
Rim replacement $950 & up
Paintless dent removal $150 & up
Stone chip windshield repair $75
Repair of scratched leather interior $400

Vehicle repair costs can vary based upon many factors. The values above are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent your repair costs

Coverage Plans

Interior protection  X  X
Paintless dent removal X  X
Paint repair  X X
Car rental benefit  X  X
Front windshield repair  X X
Front windshield replacement  X
Head/Tail light protection  X 0
Key and keyless remote replacement  X 0
Tire and rim repair or replacement  0  0  0
Tire and rim repair  0  0 0
Curb scuff repair  0  0
Roadside assistance  0  0

X Included coverage
0 Optional coverage

Benefit Limits

Coverage Term max value1
with Tire and rim repair or replacement $20,000
with Tire and rim repair $20,000
with Tire and rim repair or replacement $10,000
with Tire and rim repair $6,000
with Tire and rim replacement $5,000
with Tire and rim repair $1,000
OTHER SPECIAL LIMITS (regardless of the plan)
Paint repair $2,000
Curb scuff repair $800
Front windshield replacement $500
24 Hour roadside assistance Unlimited

Keep your vehicle in great shape and value with Appearance Protection backed by Audi Canada.



Appearance Protection is available for all Audi models within 10 model years and less than 200,000 km at time of purchase. All Appearance Protection contracts expire by term selected or when the odometer reaches 250,000 km, whichever occurs first.

The following commercial applications are not eligible for Appearance Protection:
Rental, police or emergency use, road repair operations, hauling, driving school, route work, vehicles used primarily off road, taxi or public hire, job site activity, courier or delivery, snow removal, construction, limousine or shuttle.

Please consult with your selling dealer if you are uncertain about your vehicle use being eligible for coverage.
Note: any damage that exists prior to purchase of Appearance Protection is not covered.

Cancellations and Transfers

You may cancel Appearance Protection coverage within 60 days from date of purchase and we’ll refund to you the entire amount paid, less any claims we have paid under your contract (except where prohibited by law). Appearance Protection may not be cancelled by you after 60 days from the contract purchase date.

You may also transfer the remaining term of your Appearance Protection coverage to another private purchaser (not a dealership) by returning to your selling dealer or calling us at 1-877-334-0222 and we’ll assist with the transfer. A $100 transfer fee shall apply (except where prohibited by law).


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