2021 Audi A7 Sportback

The evolution of art.

Inspired by the original, the A7 Sportback refines what a GT can be. Its sharp angles and taut lines combine to create a true masterpiece that seamlessly balances unapologetic performance with refined luxury. Proving that style is nothing without heart-racing exhilaration. Starting at $79,500 MSRP.









speed S tronic

Designed to thrill.

The looks of a GT and the power to match. Cover distance effortlessly thanks to a 3.0L V6 TFSI. Turbocharged for greater responsiveness, the A7 Sportback is a thrilling drive.

close up shot of V6 TFSI A7 engine
close of 48V mild hybrid system

Mild hybrid. Strong performance.

The A7 Sportback features a cleverly integrated 48V mild hybrid electric system. By recovering energy during braking, the system can assist the engine and use coasting to minimize fuel consumption.

The overachiever.

The A7 Sportback uses a seven-speed S Tronic gearbox paired with the latest generation of quattro to deliver outstanding performance. Using ultra technology, quattro controls power distribution to maximize driver enjoyment, safety, and fuel economy.
close up of Audi ultra quattro system
close of Audi expert inspecting undercarriage of an Audi

Constantly overachieving.

With the A7, Audi Care covers the factory-scheduled maintenance for the first 5 years or 75,000 km, whichever comes first. Besides the financial saving of $1,095.59,* Audi Care will ensure the performance of your Audi for years to come.

* Value based on current national average labour rate and parts prices, which may vary by dealer, and province.
side profile of Audi A7

Unapologetically perfect.

Influenced by the Prologue concept vehicle, the A7 Sportback looks like a GT should: low and wide to give the model an air of confidence and luxury.

European model shown

A sculpture in motion.

The A7 Sportback is undeniably gorgeous. A long, sculpted hood leads your eyes over the pronounced creases and sharp lines, along the dynamic roofline to the perfectly sculpted rear.

European model shown
top view of Audi A7
close up of A7 led headlights

The next generation.

The available hypnotic LED animations of the headlights and taillights ensure that locking and unlocking your A7 is just as thrilling as driving it.

European model shown

The edge of performance.

The S line Sport package is for drivers who want more. Its strongly sculpted S line bumpers, lowered sport suspension, and larger 20" wheels make this optional package add a performance edge to your A7 Sportback.
close up of rear S line door sills
interior shot of driver side

Join the revolution.

The interior of the A7 Sportback is nothing short of revolutionary. The traditional Audi hallmarks of rich leathers and crafted inlays are joined by cutting-edge technology, delivering luxury like never before.

European model shown

The future is here.

The advanced MMI Touch features two large touchscreens with haptic and audio feedback. Enjoy the functionality of traditional buttons in a futuristic way.

close up of MMI touch
close up steering wheel and virtual cockpit

The digital drive.

While everyone in the cabin can enjoy the MMI Touch, the available Audi Virtual Cockpit plus is designed for the driver. The 12.3" TFT display can be fully customized for maximum driver enjoyment.

The full view.

The power panoramic sunroof, with tilt and slide, helps the A7 Sportback feel even more spacious by filling the cabin with natural light.

European model shown
panoramic view of front driver and passenger
view of front dashboard
close up of MMI touch demonstration

If knowledge is power, prepare to feel invincible.

With a wide array of features that seamlessly integrate everyday conveniences into the A7 Sportback, Audi technology is changing the game.

See everything.

An available digital, 12.3" full high-resolution LCD display allows you to choose between the classic layout, distinct sport mode, or unique dynamic view.
close up of steering wheel
close up of steering wheel and MMI touch

Re-write the rules.

Starting from a clean slate, the MMI Touch response system does away with the clutter of knobs, buttons and switches. In their place are two touchscreens where settings and selections are made with the intuitive hand motions we use to operate our smartphones and tablets.

Connect in more ways.

Assistance and security are at the core of Audi connect. Take advantage of fully integrated and seamless assistance tools, including intelligent navigation, remote vehicle services, car finder, and roadside assistance. Experience peace of mind with security features, including emergency call and stolen vehicle locator.

Audi connect demonstration
close up of Bang & Olufsen sound system

A sound experience.

Two available Bang & Olufsen Sound Systems feature strategically placed speakers and an advanced processor designed to replicate a live event.

top view of A7 sportback

Being mindful can be a handful.

The Driver Assistance features in the Audi A7 utilize front and rear cameras and an array of sensors to help keep you aware of your surroundings. The available systems can inform the driver of potential incidents with audio and visual alerts and intervene with steering and braking input.

European model shown

Audi pre sense 360.

By monitoring the surroundings of the Audi A7 Sportback with up to 23 sensors, including radar, cameras, and sonar, this suite of safety features help form a broad picture of awareness that responds to the unavoidable

360 camera top view
demonstration of adaptive cruise assist

Adaptive cruise assist.

Gain an extra set of eyes on the road while you’re driving with this innovative suite of technologies. The available Adaptive cruise assist maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front based on five distance settings, and stopping when needed using the Stop&Go function. Meanwhile, it applies corrective steering to ensure your vehicle stays in the appropriate lane.

Top view camera.

The available Virtual 360-degree cameras provide an overhead view of the Audi A7 Sportback and the ability to zoom in on specific areas, helping to alert you of potential obstacles during parking situations.

top view camera demonstration
close up of Audi roof box accessory

Express your true self.

With a variety of endless possibilities to tailor your Audi to your needs and tastes, Audi Accessories can create an Audi as unique as you are.

Step inside the world of Audi.

The entry LED beam projects the Audi rings onto the ground when you open the front doors. This feature not only provides additional light when getting into the car but also creates an individual sporty look. The entry LED is a further development of the standard entry lights.

close up of Audi LED beam light
close up of dog sitting in the backseat

Luxury is not just for human passengers.

The protective rear cover for the rear seat, side panels and rear side doors protects your pet to travel in safety, comfort and style while protecting the interior of your Audi. The variable zipper system allows dogs to enter and leave through the rear side doors. For smaller dogs, the rear seat cover can be used on one side only. The durable, waterproof and anti-slip surface and coated underside of the cover makes it ideal to protect the rear seat. The rear seat cover has closable slits for seat belts, which also allow the use of a dog harness.

We've got you covered.

The Universal Traffic Recorder, with both front and rear cameras, can record various driving situations. Even when parked, the system is integrated with the car's radar technology. Asleep until needed, the system can record activity the sensors detect, ensuring complete protection for your Audi.

close up of Universal Traffic Recorder
close up of Audi winter wheel

Seasons change but style doesn't.

With the Audi winter complete wheels in 5-spoke ramus design with Pirelli SottoZero 3 winter tires, you will be ready to tackle anything a Canadian winter can offer.

close up A7 accelerating

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