The all-new 2020 Audi Q5 TFSI e

*European model shown

The next charge

The all-conquering Audi Q5 continues to lead the charge with the introduction of the all new TSFIe model. This plug in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) pairs turbocharged gas engine with a powerful electric motor. Who said hybrids can't be fun.

*European model shown


All electric range

32 kms

Fuel consumption


Electric mode

Fuel consumption

8.9L/100 kms

Hybrid mode

*The maximum power output of the electric motor cannot be directly added to the maximum output of the combustion engine, as both engines produce maximum power at different RPM

What lies beneath.

The Q5 TFSI e combines the turbocharged gas engine
from the Q5 TFSI with an underfloor-mounted battery park to create a plug-in

hybrid (PHEV). When combined, the power output from both motors exceeds 350 HP

yet still delivers outstanding fuel economy.

Silent thriller.

If efficiency is your top priority, keeping the gearbox in "D" allows for the optimal blend of electric and combustion power When the mood strikes for performance, putting the gearbox in "S" allows both engines to work together, delivering instant response and outstanding acceleration.

Conquer all.

Living up to our quattro legacy, the Q5 TFSI e is ready for anything Canada has to offer. The electric motor has been seamlessly integrated into the S Tronic gearbox. The quattro system, unique to the Q5 TFSI e, can predict traction requirements before needed and distribute power accordingly.

The choice is yours.

With 3 modes to help manage the battery, the choice is yours.

EV hold uses the gas engine and saves the electric range for city driving, while hybrid mixes both gas and electric engines for optimal efficiency. EV mode allows the Q5 TFSI e to run using solely electric power.

Green. With envy.

Starting with the solid good looks of the Q5, the TFSI e adds its own unique styling characteristics. Unique wheels, bumpers, grille and badging help this PHEV stand out even further.

Outstanding genetics.

Building on a strong history of capable Q models, the Q5 continues the line of handsome and rugged vehicles. Easily identifiable yet thoroughly modern, the Q5 is sure to get you noticed.

The eyes of a champion.

Often copied but never equaled, Audi LED lights are the next step in our lighting technology. Producing light at the colour temperature equivalent to daylight, the LED lights make night driving more comfortable. Plus, the daytime running lights have a unique light signature that set the Q5 apart.

Choose your style.

With a choice of over 10 exterior colours, 3 interior colours, plus styling packs and wheels up to 20”, it is easy to create a Q5 TFSI e as unique as you are.

The finishing touch.

Unique to the Q5 TFSI e is a dark chrome finish for the Singleframe grille surround and other details, plus S line bumpers front and rear. With a filler cap on either side, the left side charges the battery while the right is for filling gas.

*Audi exclusive model shown

First-class comfort for everyone.

The re-imagined Q5 interior creates a sense of luxury and calm with exceptional interior space. The generous head and knee room allows up to five passengers to enjoy long journeys and the outstanding aeroacoustics, plus high-quality materials turn the inside of the Q5 into your own oasis.

The perfect temperature for a perfect drive.

With the unexpected weather extremes in Canada, an ideal temperature can feel like wishful thinking. With heated and optional ventilated front sport seats, you can stay comfortable from the start of your journey to the end. Available heated rear seats ensure all passengers stay as warm as they want in any weather.

Custom view.

The Q5 TFSI e comes with the revolutionary Audi Virtual Cockpit as standard. Allowing the driver to choose how information is displayed, the display also features unique views for the plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

More space for more adventures.

With one of the longest wheelbases in its class, the Audi Q5 TFSI e has exceptional interior space. The large trunk and multiple rear-seat configurations give you the room you need without sacrificing the exterior style you want.

Set the mood.

The Q5 is designed to cater to your every need. Helping to set the tone is the available ambient lighting. With custom colour selection, the Q5 can be a place of sanctuary or help set a sporty pace. The choice is yours.

Charting the uncharted.

Leading the pack in more ways than one. The Q5 matches its cutting-edge style and performance with innovative technologies that dominate the field in navigation, connectivity and infotainment. It’s more than just a drive, it’s a lifestyle.

Nothing short of brilliant.

Assistance and security are at the core of Audi connect. Take advantage of fully integrated and seamless assistance tools, including intelligent navigation, remote vehicle services, car finder, and roadside assistance. Experience peace of mind with security features, including emergency call and stolen vehicle locator.

Smart utility vehicle.

Convenience and safety are two pillars of Audi driver assistance.
The adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go not only adapts your speed to maintain a safe distance from the car in front, it can also slow you to a complete stop and resume the pre-set speed once traffic moves. (Optional add-on feature.)

Every little bit helps.

Under normal driving conditions, the TSFI e monitors your driving style and traffic flow to adjust the coasting and regeneration capabilities. This function can be further increased when a destination is entered in the navigation, as the car can better understand the routes being taken, including the topography, and use either the coasting or regeneration features as necessary to further extend the range.

Eyes on the road.

With the available Head Up display, you never need to take your eyes off the road again. Projecting directly onto the windscreen, the crisp graphics clearly show speed, navigation and other driving information.

Express your true self.

With a variety of endless possibilities to tailor your Audi to your needs and tastes, Audi Accessories can create an Audi as unique as you are.

Nothing short of brilliant.

The entry LED beam projects the Audi rings onto the ground when you open the front doors. This feature not only provides additional light when getting into the car but also creates an individual sporty look. The entry LED is a further development of the standard entry lights.


Seasons change but style doesn't.

With the Audi winter complete wheels in 10-spoke design in size 7 J x 17 with Pirelli Scorpion winter tires, you will be ready to tackle anything a Canadian winter can offer.

We've got you covered.

The Universal Traffic Recorder, with both front and rear cameras, can record various driving situations. Even when parked, the system is integrated with the car's radar technology. Asleep until needed, the system can record activity the sensors detect, ensuring complete protection for your Audi.

Luxury is not just for human passengers.

The protective rear cover for the rear seat, side panels and rear side doors protects your pet to travel in safety, comfort and style while protecting the interior of your Audi. The variable zipper system allows dogs to enter and leave through the rear side doors. For smaller dogs, the rear seat cover can be used on one side only.

The durable, waterproof and anti-slip surface and coated underside of the cover makes it ideal to protect the rear seat. The rear seat cover has closable slits for seat belts, which also allow the use of a dog harness.

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