The All-New 2021 Audi RS 7 Sportback

Breath taker.

Take a deep breath before continuing. If the daring design doesn’t take your breath away, the twin turbo V8 sure will. Introducing the all-new Audi RS 7 Sportback.


Number of cylinders


0–100 km/h in under

4 seconds


591 HP

Ultimate Power.

Under the not-so-subtle design for the RS 7 Sportback lies over 25 years of racing heritage. The V8 is fed by twin turbochargers. The result is a 0–100 time of under 4 seconds.

Take the long way back.

The standard fit air suspension, with unique RS tuning, delivers the perfect mix of comfort and performance. The available RS sport suspension with Dynamic Ride Control offers three distinct modes, allowing the RS 7 to be whatever you need it to be.

Get ahead.

Get and stay ahead of the pack with the 8-speed tiptronic gearbox. Optimized shift times and a new launch control feature guarantee a scorching launch in all conditions, while the shift paddles offer the driver even more engagement.

Choose your level.

At the press of a button, the RS 7 Sportback is able to transform its character. Mounted on the steering wheel for convenience, the RS Mode button has two presets, controlling the gearbox, engine, suspension, steering, etc. RS 2 mode exists specifically to influence the ESC directly.

Simply perfect.

Widened by 40 mm, the RS 7 Sportback’s wide stance is no illusion. Compared to the A7, the RS 7 Sportback is not only wider, but longer and lower too. The RS 7 Sportback is simply perfect from every angle.

Enjoy the show.

The LED lights, front and rear, not only give the RS 7 Sportback a purposeful look but also feature unique RS lighting animations too. Locking or unlocking the car starts the sequence, as well as your heart, racing.

Seen and heard.

Guaranteeing to be heard before it is seen, the RS 7 Sportback comes with an RS-specific exhaust, complete with twin oval outlets. The Sport exhaust delivers a roar that is truly unmistakable.

Stop and stare.

The RS 7 Sportback’s available high performance ceramic brakes are not only lighter, they offer outstanding resistance to fade when pushed hard. With calipers in blue, red or silver, they also add a stylish touch to the exterior.

Go dark.

Create a look as unique as you are. Replacing the aluminum effect exterior trim, the Black Optics or Carbon Optics package adds another layer of menace to the already intimidating RS 7 Sportback.

Design that performs.

Like the exterior, the captivating interior peerlessly combines design, technology and luxury. The unique RS touches stand as testament to the performance potential.

Mix it up.

The RS 7 Sportback is available with two interior design packages. Choose between grey and red for RS floor mats, seat belts with colour inserts and extended leather on the dashboard, armrests and centre console.

The space race.

While the star of the show lies under the hood, opening the trunk reveals another side to the RS 7 Sportback’s character. With a wide opening, plus 40:20:40 split-folding rear seats, the RS 7 Sportback has the space to match the pace


Knowledge is power.

The unique RS Virtual Cockpit allows the driver to view statistics of their RS 7 Sportback, including tire pressure, torque, power output, engine oil temperature and boost pressure. The display can also measure lap times, acceleration and g forces.

Intimate venue.

The RS 7 Sportback offers the perfect, intimate venue for your favourite artists to perform. Developed specifically with B&O sound engineers for this car, the system recreates every note with perfect harmony.

If knowledge is power, prepare to feel invincible.

With a wide array of features that seamlessly integrate everyday conveniences into the RS 7 Sportback, Audi technology is changing the game.

See everything.

An available fully digital, 12.3" full high-resolution screen, the driver can choose between the classic layout or an infotainment system with a navigation map.

Connect in more ways.

Assistance and security are at the core of Audi connect. Take advantage of fully integrated and seamless assistance tools, including intelligent navigation, remote vehicle services, car finder, and roadside assistance. Experience peace of mind with security features, including emergency call and stolen vehicle locator.


Re-write the rules.

Starting from a clean slate, the MMI touch response system does away with the clutter of knobs, buttons and switches. In their place are two touchscreens where settings and selections are made with the intuitive hand motions we use to operate our smartphones and tablets.

A sound experience.

The Bang & Olufsen Sound System features strategically placed speakers and an advanced processor designed to replicate a live event..

Being mindful can be a handful.

The Driver Assistance features in the Audi RS 7 Sportback utilize front and rear cameras and an array of sensors to help keep you aware of your surroundings. The available systems can inform the driver of potential incidents with audio and visual alerts and intervene with steering and braking input.

Audi pre sense 360.

By monitoring the surroundings of the Audi RS 7 with up to 23 sensors, including radar, cameras and sonar, can help form a broad picture of awareness and respond to the unavoidable.


Top view camera.

The Virtual 360-degree cameras provide an overhead view of the Audi RS7 Sportback and the ability to zoom in on specific areas, helping to alert you of potential obstacles during parking situations.

Adaptive cruise assist.

Gain an extra set of eyes on the road while you’re driving with this innovative suite of technologies. The Adaptive cruise assist maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front based on five distance settings, and stopping when needed using the Stop&Go function. Meanwhile, it applies corrective steering to ensure your vehicle stays in the appropriate lane.

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