2020 Audi R8 vs 2020 Porsche 911

Sometimes only the highest performance and the sleekest lines are enough to satisfy car lovers. In the prestigious world of supercars, the Audi R8 has long held a leading position thanks to its immaculate combination of explosive power, precision engineering, and unbeatable style.

Does the latest version of the R8 live up to its huge reputation? Here we compare the 2020 Audi R8 features with those of the famous sports car icon, the Porsche 911, to find out.

2020 Audi R8 vs 2020 Porsche 911

Powertrain and Performance

Of course, the main attraction of a high-performance car is its powertrain, and both vehicles are well equipped in this area. Neither vehicle will leave you short of acceleration or straight-line speed. However, the R8 offers a clear advantage in raw power.

   Audi R8  Porsche 911
 Engine 5.2L V-10 3.0L Twin Turbo H-6
 Horsepower 562hp 443hp
 Torque 406lb-ft 390lb-ft

The Audi makes full use of its increasingly rare V-10 engine type, enabling it to hit a top speed of 320km/h with ease. Both cars pass the power through the automatic transmission to all-wheel drive, with the Audi having seven gears compared to the Porsche’s eight.

Exterior and Looks

The looks of the classic 911 need no introduction to anyone with an interest in performance cars. However, while the R8 isn’t quite as distinctive, it’s still a great looking car. Both offer the same low-slung, swept-back body shape, although with its larger, more prominent wheel arches the Audi has a more assertive and imposing look than the somewhat traditional Porsche.

2020 Audi R8 vs 2020 Porsche 911 Exterior looks

In terms of size, the Audi is slightly shorter and closer to the road, while its larger wheelbase and track width show through in more stable handling and a smoother overall ride.

   Audi R8  Porsche 911
 Exterior Length 174.3″ 177.9″
 Height 48.8″ 51.2″
 Track Width 63″ 61.2″
 Wheelbase 104.4″ 96.5″


Although the R8’s wheel arches are more prominent, the 911’s wheels are actually slightly larger. However, the Audi wheels are made of tougher material.

   Audi R8  Porsche 911
 Wheel Type Forged Aluminum Aluminum
 Front Wheel Size 19″ 21″
 Rear Wheel Size 19″ 20″


Any car hosting such power reserves under the hood needs a highly capable braking system, and both vehicles are up to the task here.

   Audi R8  Porsche 911
ABS Type 4-wheel 4-wheel
Brake Type 4-wheel disc 4-wheel disc
Front Rotor Diameter 14.4″ 13.8″
Rear Rotor Diameter 14″ 13.8″

While both the R8 and the 911 have plenty of braking power, the slightly larger rotors on the Audi give it the edge in a close race.


Both cars are highly desirable examples of their two-seater coupe class. However, the sheer performance and sleek looks make the R8 a more modern and exciting car to drive. The Porsche 911 will always be a classic, but in this test the Audi R8 more than meets the challenge it poses.

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