AI Tech Will Change the Way You Drive

Movies like Back to the Future
may have made drivers look forward to the day when cars zip through the air to
their chosen destination, but the real car of the future isn’t a flying car.
The car of the future is the technologically advanced autonomously driven
vehicle. Autonomous driving will allow drivers to maneuver through congested
rush hour traffic with ease all using innovations from Audi technology.


How Driverless Cars Use AI Technology

Auto-enthusiasts may remember reading Audi news announcements about how
all their future A8’s would be level 3 autonomous driving vehicles. Currently,
much of their offerings offer AI technology to keep drivers in their lane,
park, and back up, particularly the S8. In autonomous vehicles,
there are different levels of artificial intelligence (AI)
driving. Levels zero through two all require the human driver to
be aware of their surroundings, with only level two giving the steering
function to the computer. Level three, the level Audi technology has implemented in the A8,
the computer monitors the steering and the environment, but will request human
assistance periodically. Fully automated vehicles are level four and five
vehicles, those vehicles are still in the testing stage and are not yet fully
street legal.



What Canada Is Doing to Usher in Autonomous Driving

One of the main reasons why autonomous driving technology, like Audi
news touting the ushering in of the level 3 cars, has moved so swiftly in
recent years is because of an increase of support from government research
institutes like that of CIFAR or the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.
The Canadian government has offered tremendous support for researchers to help
advance research into making these changes, in fact, CIFAR has pioneered some of the most advanced computing
systems capable of making driving decisions without any human




How Audi Technology Works with AI Tech

In most new vehicles, Audi technology offers some level of AI technology
making driving safer and more enjoyable for drivers. Some of these options seem
so simple, like breaking assist and low-pressure warnings that come standard in
any vehicle to rain sensing wipers featured in the 2018 S6.
Currently, Audi offers four vehicles with optional AI technology.
The A4 sedan, A5 Sportback, Q5, and Q7. Future vehicles should have multiple
autonomous driving features that should break new Audi news for their
innovative approach to making AI driving technology accessible for drivers.
Future Audi vehicles may include options like communicative dimming headlights and active suspension.




Are Cars with AI Technology Available Now

While fully automated driving technology may not be available to
customers now, either because of the lengthy process of making them legal for
unpredictable public roads or because they’re still in testing, many of the
features of AI technology are available for drivers now. Most vehicles have
some form of technology that helps drivers remain in their lane, avoid
accidents, back up properly, or even parallel park like a pro. Drivers looking
for the car of the future can find one today if they want one.