Audi Becomes the First Company to Showcase Automated Driving Technology in New York

The transportation of the future could very well be on its way to Toronto. We’re of course talking about automated driving technology, and Audi is at the forefront of seeing that dream become a reality. In fact, they keep getting closer and closer. Audi recently became the first company to demonstrate automated driving on the roads of New York.

In June, Audi showcased Audi Highway Pilot technology in Albany, New York, near the state capitol. They gave legislators, capitol staff, media, and stakeholders the opportunity to go for a spin in an automated Audi vehicle.

While two Audi engineers rode along – one in front, one in back – to monitor systems and safety, the demonstration vehicle showcased its ability to drive at safe highway speeds. In fact, the Audi demonstration vehicle has already driven thousands of highway miles safely, proving that automated driving technology is well on its way.

While automated driving is still a few years off from public availability, you should drive a new Audi vehicle while you still can. Browse the new Audi selection at Audi Midtown Toronto, and come in for a test drive!