Audi Plans to Integrate Solar Energy Into Future Vehicles

Audi continues to break new ground in the auto industry. In addition to the endless pursuit for higher performing and more luxurious vehicles in Toronto, Audi is also making them greener. In doing so, according to Motor Authority, Audi plans to fit energy-generating solar panels to the roof of some future models.

Audi recently signed a deal with Alta Devices, an authority in solar panel development based in California. The goal is to develop a way in which solar cells can be integrated into the panoramic glass roofs of Audi vehicles. This will first be put to use on Audi electric vehicles, and the first prototype is scheduled to be ready later this year.

The electric vehicle solar roofs won’t directly improve distance immediately and will instead power systems like the air conditioner and heated seats. But the systems the battery doesn’t need to power means that it can send even more energy toward increasing driving range. Don’t worry, plans are to develop roofs that will eventually directly influence the range of Audi electric vehicles.

The first Audi electric vehicles, the e-tron SUV and e-tron Sportback, are slated to arrive in 2018. Until then, you can experience how Audi has already innovated the road by exploring our new Audi selection, and arranging for a test drive at Audi Midtown Toronto!