Audi’s Quattro AWD Comes in Two Gripping Flavors

When the weather gets rough, there’s only one remedy: an all-wheel-drive system that has your back. If you opt for an Audi, their Quattro technology offers quite the gripping proposition. Now offered as a full-time system and an intelligent, FWD-driven on-demand one, it can be had in a guise for the more efficiency minded, too.

The Quattro philosophy hinges on redistribution of power to the wheels with the most grip. This way, if the left rear wheel loses traction but the right rear wheel has better purchase, the system will send it more power to keep the car stable. In Quattro with Ultra systems, the rear axle is disconnected entirely but will be brought up to speed when it’s needed to keep gas mileage up. In addition to keeping traction in inclement weather, Quattro also helps keep footing during performance maneuvers.

Every one of our new Audi models comes with its unique Quattro system. To learn about its availability and operation in the model that speaks to you, consult the sales team at our Toronto, ON dealership at your convenience.