Cabin and Engine Air Filters Should Be Inspected During Regular Maintenance

Your vehicle maintenance schedule will vary depending on your specific manufacturer’s specifications, but during each recommended maintenance interval, the vehicle filters should be inspected.

The cabin and engine air filters are essential to your vehicle in two different ways.

The cabin air filter is used to prevent certain harmful pollutants from entering the interior of your vehicle, which affects you and your passengers; an important consideration especially if you have small children.

An engine air filter is typically inspected at the time of an oil change but not always required to be replaced. The function of the engine air filter is specifically to prevent any undesirable particles from reaching engine components that need clear air quality for optimal performance, but not specific to mileage.

The inspection and replacement of the cabin and engine air filters can be done by Audi Midtown Toronto’s service staff. Schedule an appointment at our Toronto service center at your earliest convenience.