Do You Know When it’s Time for Brake Service?

Making sure your Audi performs up to its potential is a top priority. Part of making sure that happens is to recognize when certain parts of your vehicle need service. Especially when it comes to your brakes. Putting off brake service isn’t only damaging to your Audi, it’s also unsafe on the Toronto roads. Do you know when it’s time for brake service?

  • If your brake pads have worn down to less than a quarter inch thick, it’s time to replace them.
  • Grinding when you engage the brakes could be a result of your calipers and rotors rubbing together because your pads have completely worn down.
  • Squealing brakes isn’t a surprise under wet road conditions. But when it’s consistent no matter the conditions, the sound could be a built in indication that your brakes need service.
  • A soft brake pedal, meaning you have to push the pedal harder for your brakes to engage, could be because you’re low on brake fluid. If that’s not it, it’s best to have them checked.

Recognize any of these signs? If so, schedule an appointment with the Service Center here at Audi Midtown Toronto. Our skilled technicians will quickly and accurately inspect your brakes, and address any issues so that you can safely cruise throughout North York and Scarborough in your Audi.

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