Here is Your Guide to Making a Roadside Emergency Kit

These are the items that should be inside your car’s emergency kit:

1. Jumper cables will allow you to get a jump-start f%rom another motorist looking to offer you assistance.
2. Flashlights can help you to flag down drivers for assistance or to assist you in making repairs while stuck at night.
3. A first aid kit can allow you to address small injuries until help arrives.
4. Fix-a-flat is essential for getting air in the tires and your vehicle to the service station.
5. Extra fluids like coolant and oil will allow you to replenish the engine.
6. A blanket is key to keeping your passengers and you warm if stuck in the freezing cold.
7. A box of tools gives you the chance to repair small issues and get moving again.

We hope this emergency kit instructional provided by Audi Midtown Toronto will keep you safe while driving on the roads.