Hit the Road with Audi This Summer


Hit the Road with Audi This Summer



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"So what makes a road trip feel properly 'Canadian' other than the physical geography of it all? Scenic vistas are a key component, but as cheesy as it sounds, the community and the culture are what tie it all together. You’d be surprised at how quickly an out-of-province license plate can start a conversation, and before you know it you can be face to face with an impromptu history lesson on the town or area you’ve just arrived in."

So reads "Great Road Trips Ideas In Canada: 9 Routes To Get You Pumped For The Summer," a 2014 Huffington Post piece that we though would be timely one to look back at today. If you haven't already started planning some adventures for the coming months, this article can give you some ideas.

Head to https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/05/09/road-trip-ideas-canada_n_5296333.html to access the article, and head to Audi Midtown Toronto at 175 Yorkland Blvd. to pick out the perfect new Audi to accompany you on the journey.

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