Keeping an Eye on the Condition of Your Tires

In this busy and hurried world, it is easy to forget to examine your vehicle’s tires, fluids and belts. However, these things are important for the safe function of your vehicle and require just a little thought and effort. The tires are especially easy to check before you get in the vehicle and drive away.

To check the tread on the tires, place a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down in one of the tire grooves. If the entire head of Abraham Lincoln is showing, then it is probably time to replace the tire. Other signs that the tires may need replacing are any bulges or wires that are showing. Modern tires may have “wear bars” that will display a cross-tire pattern when the tire tread is worn to a certain level.

If you deem that it is time to replace your tires, bring your vehicle in to Audi Midtown Toronto, and we can check your tires and help you decide if replacement is needed.