The Audi Q3 has Luxury and Performance

The impressive Audi Q3 remains a popular crossover SUV for owners desiring a versatile vehicle boasting elegance and interior space. However, in addition to its luxurious design and style, the Q3 capably performs on all types of terrain thanks to ingenious systems engineering.

The Q3 comes standard with Audi’s quattro® all-wheel drive. The system was designed to provide maximum traction between the SUV and the road. Individual wheels get the power they need to have the greatest degree of gripping power. In this way, drivers are better able to control the vehicle whether traveling on wet asphalt, gravel or uneven terrain.

Audi gives owners even more control thanks to the drive select mode system. Choose from Auto, Comfort or Dynamic modes depending on your preference. Each mode monitors and regulates the SUVs responsiveness to the steering and throttle needs of the driver. Learn more and go for a test drive at Audi Midtown Toronto.



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