Tread Keeps You On The Road

Tires must have tread to work as they’re supposed to. Not only do they help our vehicles maintain traction on roadways in normal conditions, they push water out of our vehicles’ ways by channeling it through the network of treads on its surface.

Without tire treads, our tires wouldn’t be nearly as effective at doing their jobs. You should make sure you understand how to check a tire’s treads.

One way of doing such is with a United States quarter. Face it downwards and insert it within recessions between treads. If the head of Washington isn’t covered, the tires should promptly be replaced, as they’re less than 4/32 inches in length. Such a length of car tires has indicated that others on the roadway aren’t safe sharing the roadway with you, as you can’t stop as effectively, nor tread through the water.

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