What is Horsepower? | Learn About Horsepower

James Watt, an eighteenth-century engineer, developed the term “horsepower.” Today, this word is used by car dealerships and manufacturers to describe the power of engines in their vehicles. It is also used by consumers to comparison shop.

Watt knew that the vast majority his customers were using horses to haul coal in their mines. He was determined to show these potential customers that his engines would work harder than the horses they were using. He studied the horses’ work and determined that one horse could haul 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute. This unit of measurement became known as the horsepower. Watt used this term in his advertisements. When it was proved as a great marketing tool, competitors also started using the word to sell their products.

Over the years, the term horsepower has become a standard unit of measurement for engines. Customers can learn a lot about a vehicle just by discovering the horsepower of the vehicle’s engine. To learn about which modern vehicles have the most horsepower visit Audi Midtown Toronto.

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