Why You Need to Wax Your Vehicle

If you detail your car frequently, you have probably put on a coat of car was on more than one occasion. It sure makes your vehicle’s exterior look good, but do you really know what does into it? Furthermore, do you know why you should wax your car?

Waxes come from a variety of sources. Essentially, they are hard hydrocarbons made synthetically or from plants such as palm or carnauba. Because was is hard, it’s mixed with oils or solvents so you can spread it over the surface of your car.

Applying wax is all about protecting your vehicle’s surface. Wax forms a barrier between your car’s metal and the outside world. It protects it from dust, dirt, pollution, sunlight, rain and just about anything environmental conditions can throw at it. A coat of wax also means you don’t have to wash your car as frequently.