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The 2020 Audi RS Q8 is a compact SUV that looks and feels like a sports car. The exterior features a wide body that is close to the ground and is outlined on sleek curves that help to give it a more aerodynamic look. It also features a wide grille that not only adds an Read More

Audi has announced that the company will be offering a new partially matte paint on the upcoming Audi Q2 crossover. Specifically on the Q2 #2 special edition on its side blades covering the rear pillar. The new paint option will also be offered on the R8’s “Audi Sport” side lettering....Read More

Audi was featured in the Will Smith-starring blockbuster film I, Robot in 2004 and is now going to star alongside Smith in a new, upcoming film Spies in Disguise. The animated feature film will include a new Audi E-Tron RSQ concept designed specifically for the movie. Audi says this is their first digital concept for an animated....Read More

At Audi Midtown Toronto, our pulses race whenever an Audi R8 rolls onto our dealership’s lot. The R8 is a true mid-engine German supercar, like nothing else on the road. The 2019 Audi R8 is arriving soon, and we’re thrilled to give you a preview of the next generation of Audi’s performance flagship....Read More

For generations, the Audi Corporation has been known for its ability to produce impressive and innovative vehicles. This month, Audi has shown the world that is it willing take it impressive line of vehicles up a notch by debuting its first ever all-electric SUV, the Audi e-tron. It had its world debut on September 17, and from....Read More

The 2019 Audi Q8 was born to be an instant design classic, blending elegant and sporty style with the utility of a full-size SUV. This is the Audi Toronto drivers have been talking about it since it was announced, and we’re excited to have it for sale later this year here at Audi Midtown Toronto....Read More

Audi has always led the way with technology like all-wheel-drive, so when it announces its first all-electric Audi prototype, people take notice. It’s called the Audi e-tron. This is the Audi Toronto drivers will drive into a future of technological prowess and a low environmental impact. It’s just a concept today, but the first e-tron inspired....Read More

Three-row luxury SUVs are in great demand, as shoppers look for the best blend of styling, cabin space, utility and performance. The 2018 Audi Q7 is one such model that fits this segment perfectly, delivering the attention to detail and tech features customers expect. Here’s what to look for when shopping for an Audi in....Read More

What is the AR App? The augmented reality app is an application that can run on a tablet or phone with a camera. The program can display a vehicle in any location where you aim the camera and on screen, it will appear as if the automobile is there. Augmented reality is different from virtual Read More

The Audi Smart Energy network manages household electrical use and helps to even out grid power consumption.   Combining Car, Home, and Grid into One Smart System   Audi has just announced a pilot project called the Audi Smart Energy Network, a system for intelligently managing eco-electricity....Read More

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