Ladies Car Care Clinic at Audi Midtown Toronto

Calling all ladies!

Meet Kelly Williams! Race Car Driver...Educator...Safety Advocate...TV Personality
Kelly was a High School Teacher by education but now makes a living working in the automotive industry. Kelly is a driving coach/facilitator for new vehicle launches and was also a judge on Canada's Worst Driver. She also was the host of Global's "Mechanical Chicks". Kelly has given in excess of over 400 clinics across the country and loves every one of them.
So join us as Kelly gives a ladies' clinic designed to be fun for women and informative in a non-threatening environment.

During the clinics, many things will be covered:

  • Various fluids of a vehicle, both clean and dirty
  • Oil filters cut open and examined, as well as air filters: clean and dirty
  • How to check your oil
  • How to check your tire pressure
  • Emergency roadside kit contents
  • and much much more
Kelly's Car Care Clinic will be at Audi Midtown Toronto on October 21st, 2018.
If any ladies are interested in attending this clinic,
please fill out the form below and we will contact you for details!

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