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To lease? Or to finance?

It's been one of the most thought about options, when it comes to the car industry. Either choice is not a bad choice. Leasing or Financing can work depending on how you prefer things to pan out. A lot of things can factor into your choice of either leasing or financing. Do you see yourself wanting to own the vehicle at the end of your payments? Or would you rather change into a new vehicle after your payments end? The choice is ultimately yours, you can always choose what best suits you. Below you can find a break down of leasing vs financing to give you an idea of what each has to offer.

Lease vs Finance

Leasing Financing
  • Payments over set term
  • Lower payments
  • Return vehicle for new Audi
  • Purchase at predetermined price
    • Purchase over set term
    • Monthly or biweekly payments
    • Own vehicle outright
Key Questions 

Do you drive less than 25,000 kms a year?

Do you enjoy having the latest in modern design, comfort and options?

Is it ok that the ownership does have your name on it?

Can you avoid the temptation to customize your vehicle?

Would you like to drive a new car more often?


If you answered yes to most of these questions, then leasing could be the best option for you.


If you answered no to the most of these questions, then financing could be the best option for you.


If you are leaning towards leasing...

Please be aware there may lease end obligations towards the wear and tear of the vehicle.

Lease Excess Wear Costs

Small dings & dents

Paint scratches

Windshield and other glass/lens damage

Bumper scuffs and scrapes

Interior fabric rips, tears & stains

Worn tires

Wheel scuffs and scrapes

but do not worry...

We have a whole suit of Audi After Care products such as the Lease Excess Wear Waiver, which can help protect you from excess wear and tear charges. Among other helpful protection programs. These programs are great for leasing or financing. To learn more about Audi After Care programs, please click the link below.

Audi After Care

Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Appearance Protection

Loan Protection

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

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