Millennium Asset Protection In Toronto

What happens if your vehicle is ruled a total loss?

Will your insurance company provide a payout that covers the balance owing on your finance contract for the full term of the loan?

Insurance companies usually calculate the payout based on the current market value of the vehicle.

It it possible that the insurance payout will be less than the amount still owing on the vehicle at the time of total loss.

You are responsible to pay out the difference between the insurance payout and the amount owing on the finance contract.

Millennium Asset Protection will cover that difference for you.

Sport utility vehicle, purchased in 2016, original amount owing $27,720?

The graph shows you the gap for an S.U.V purchased in 2016 with an original balance of $27,720 financed for 60 months, amortized over 72 months at 6.5%.

How does Millennium Asset Protection work?

Millennium Asset Protection will cover up to $50,000 (including up to $1,000 towards your primary insurance policy deductible).

Coverage is available for up to 96 months.

You will also receive a $500 loyalty credit towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle at the original selling dealership.

Millennium Asset Protection covers new & used:

Private Passenger Vehicles

Light Commercial Use Passenger Vehicles*

Recreational Vehicles (campers, motorhomes)

Power Sport Vehicles (ATVs, motorcycles, boats)

Covers finance amounts of up to $150,000 at time of purchase.

*Surcharge applies

NOTICE: The contents provided in this brochure are only a summary of certain terms and conditions of the Certificate of Insurance. Please refer to the actual Certificate for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Not all Certificates are available in all provinces, and specific provisions may vary based upon individual provincial requirements.

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