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Genuine Parts and Body Parts

When you chose your Audi, you chose a vehicle that offered uncompromising quality and workmanship. Now ensure your investment is pampered with the finest of care—the kind of care only available at an Audi Dealer.

This is how your Audi stays genuine. There is no substitute for the best.

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Audi Genuine Parts

Thousands of Audi parts must work together perfectly to ensure your safety and comfort. Due to the "heavy-duty" nature of this work, normal wear and tear on mechanical components, in particular, is not something that can be easily avoided. To maintain the value, comfort and safety of the vehicle for as long as possible, high-quality replacement parts must be used for all repair work.

Benefits of Audi Genuine Parts:

Parts are still available for up to 15 years once a model goes out of production. The global central warehouse for Audi Genuine Parts is located in Germany and covers an area of 1 million square metres, which is equivalent to 140 football fields. Audi Genuine Parts also has 95 interim storage facilities around the world, holding the most commonly requested parts in order to provide rapid deliveries to international service partners.

  • Are devoted to keeping you on the road, thanks to their high-quality design, reliability and durability
  • Always reflect the current state-of-the-art technology because they are also developed in line with technical innovations that affect Audi models
  • Are developed at the same time as the vehicle and are precisely tailored to the model
  • Help prevent lengthy repair procedures, thanks to their precision fit
  • Help prevent damage to paintwork, plastic and rubber component, in your Audi as well as metal corrosion, due to their compatibility with other materials
  • Can help to maintain the value of the vehicle for as long as possible because they guarantee “series quality” after a repair
  • Are highly durable and therefore can incur fewer costs across their entire service life
  • Offer the same quality standard as the constituent parts used during the manufacture of the vehicle
  • Help ensure coordinated interaction between all vehicle parts
  • Help ensure the highest possible level of safety through excellent performance and reliability

Audi Genuine Body Parts

Great efforts have been made to engineer Audi vehicles to the highest standards for workmanship, vehicle integrity and passenger safety. Unfortunately, accidents happen. If this occurs, you can trust the experts at Authorized Collision Repair Centres and Audi Aluminum Collision Locations. Our Authorized Collision Repair Centres and Aluminum Collision Facilities use Audi technicians who are expertly trained and use specialized tools to restore your Audi according to factory specifications. When you use a Certified Audi collision repair facility, you get peace of mind knowing that your Audi will be repaired to last a lifetime.

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Benefits of Audi Genuine Body Parts:

  • Are developed at the same time as the vehicle and are therefore tailored to the vehicle model.
  • Adhere to the series specifications regarding vehicle weight, aerodynamics and specific passive safety features thanks to their made-to-measure design, which employs a variety of materials.
  • Ensure high levels of safety, comfort and durability for the vehicle in conjunction with their high level of body rigidity.
  • Provide effective corrosion protection using coatings and carefully sealed seams, thereby offering long-term vehicle durability.
  • Preserve the original design of the vehicle following a repair.

Facts you must know:

> The body is what gives each vehicle model its distinctive shape and primarily protects the vehicle occupants in the event of an accident by using passive safety features, such as seat belts, airbags, a deformation-resistant passenger cell and other crumple zones at the front and rear.

> Handling characteristics are influenced by the body: The higher the “torsional rigidity,” the less the vehicle is distorted on uneven and curved routes, and the better its handling characteristics.

> The design of the body affects fuel consumption due to its weight and aerodynamic properties.

> The installation of parts offered by third parties can lead to altered deformation characteristics and may compromise the safety of the vehicle occupants. Furthermore, if these third-party parts are not tailored to the vehicle in question, resulting in a poor fit and finish, rework may have to be performed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have changed our Audi Genuine Parts ordering process to keep our valued customers and Team members safe and still be available for those who require our services. Please follow the steps for your Audi Genuine Parts and Accessory needs.

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