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Each month, Audi Midtown Toronto, in partnership with Audi Canada, will host a line-up of products at a discounted price.

Please check in each month to find out what Audi Genuine Accessory is offered throughout the year!

May Product of the Month: Gecko Air Freshners



We're excited to announce that our online Audi Genuine Accessories store has officially opened!
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Add a refreshing aroma to your journey with the Audi Gecko air freshener - Canada look. Lasting for approximately 60 days, it can be easily attached to your air vents to circulate a the scent around your vehicle.

Part number




Canada flag








Light grey

Pine needles / orange












Canada flag



Supplies are limited. Please contact us for more information. Don't miss out!


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Discover our handpicked, seasonal accessories, crafted by Audi for your Audi.

For a limited time, choose from our wide array of specially priced Winter Accessories to go with your Audi. Why not hit the snow in style this year?

Check out our Winter Accessories below!

Winter Accessories

1. Ice scraper

Part number 80A-096-010; MSRP: $ 10.94

Our price: $ 10.60*

2. Ice scraper with snow brush

Part number 80A-096-010-A; MSRP: $ 23.14

Our price: $ 21.63*

3. Ice scraper with snow brush and telescopic handle

Part number: 80A-096-010-B; MSRP: $ 37.77 

Our price: $ 35.32*

4. Snow shovel with telescopic handle

Part number 8R0-096-010-D; MSRP: $ 46.46

Our price: $ 43.44*

5. Wheel locks

Part Number: 8R0-071-336; MSRP: $ 90.96 

Our price: $ 81.18*

Part Number: 4F0-071-455; MSRP: $ 92.70 

Our price: $ 82.74*

7. Collapsible Cargo box

Part number 8U0-061-109; MSRP: $ 70.40 

Our price: $ 64.39*

8. Roof box (360l)

Part number: 8X0-071-200--Y9B; MSRP: $ 886.67 

Our price: $ 757.43*

*Prices Do Not Include HST


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