Sharkskin Surface Protection

Sharkskin Surface Protection

Sharkskin Surface Protection is the next generation protective coating for automotive surfaces. Once applied, Sharkskin's nano-sized molecules reassemble themselves on the vehicle surface, creating a negatively charged, highly repellent surface.

Sharkskin Interior Surface Protection

Upholstery Protection

  • Helps keep upholstery looking new and clean longer

  • Repels water, dirt, oil and other liquids

  • Does not alter the look and feel of the upholstery

  • Resistant against bacteria and mould

  • Contains no toxic chemicals

Sharkskin Exterior Surface Protection

Paint & Wheel Application

  • Protects against weather, pollutants and oxidation

  • Eliminates the need for waxing

  • Keeps the surface appearance in showroom condition

  • Wax, silicone and teflon free

  • Treated surface makes dirt, brake dust and road grime easier to remove

Windshield Application

  • Increases safety by dramatically improving visibility when driving through rain, snow and sleet

  • Improves night vision by reducing glare

  • Extends wiper life by reducing wiper usage

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