We’ve Moved! 175 Yorkland Blvd.

We've moved!

Now open and located at 175 Yorkland Blvd.

This state-of-the-art facility was chosen specifically for the high volume of traffic, the location of highway 401 and the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) is known as the most traveled intersection in North America. With 800,000 vehicles coming and going each day, it is truly a prime location for a prime brand and dealership!

Welcome to the brand new, state-of-the-art, Audi Midtown Toronto

Take the tour

Like any new landmark, Audi Midtown Toronto has designed a visit to 175 Yorkland Boulevard to be an engaging experience. When you arrive, you will be greeted by the Audi Midtown Toronto Concierge Team who will either direct you towards the Service Drive, or valet-park your vehicle - whichever suits your preference.

After your vehicle has been addressed, you will find yourself walking through sliding glass doors, entering the Service Reception and main floor of the building. Our hostess staff are ready to assist you to your destination, or take you on a guided tour of this brand new, state-of-the-art facility. Today, we are going to take you on this tour…

We begin at the Hostess Podium with the escalator to our left. Jessica, our Audi Boutique and Accessories Specialist, can show you around our Audi Boutique (just behind the escalator) which showcases an array of Audi Genuine Accessories.

We can then move on to the Service Customer Café and Lounge which offers a full-service coffee area, bottled water, vending snacks as well as customer work stations, comfortable seating throughout and even a 60" flat screen TV, to make your stay more enjoyable.

Looping around and heading west, you will notice to our left, along the south part of the 1st floor Service Department is where you will find a row of work stations that include an in-house Enterprise Kiosk for Enterprise rental services as well as our shuttle service. The Audi Midtown Shuttle Service works in a constant loop to provide service to and from your work or home. Please contact us for more information regarding our Service Shuttle at 647-789-5200.

Next to Enterprise is the Excellence Collision Centre. Excellence is the approved Audi Collision Facility. Mike Hua works onsite to help our clients in need of repairs, directly and efficiently.

In the center of it all, you will find our Service Reception area. Here is where you will find 6 Audi Service Consultants, 2 Assistant Service Managers, 2 Service Appointment Coordinators, 1 translator as well as additional admin staff; all there to help the Midtown service process run in a smooth and swift manner for our Service Customers.

Heading through the sliding doors, you will find yourself in the Service Drive. This is where the Hunter QuickChek lives. The QuickChek is designed to check tire pressure, breaks and alignment in under 3 minutes. This is also where, if you were driving through, you would drive right into and leave your vehicle for service.

As we head toward the most western part of the 1st floor [an employee only facing area] we will observe the main floor service shop, 4 detail bays and an Automated car wash for a thorough clean after a service has been performed.

We will then loop back around, through the Service Drive, through the sliding doors, past the Service reception and head up the escalator to the 2nd floor, Sales Showroom.

With Floor to ceiling windows, this 2-story showroom features 22 New and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles including a 2017 Audi R8 5.2 V10 Plus quattro 7-speed S tronic Coupe currently on display! Here is also where you will find our Audi Brand Specialist's, Sales administration, Financial Services Managers and Sales Managers alike.

As we make our way through this incredible showroom you can help yourself to a bottle of water, latte or cappuccino and take a break before heading up to the 3rd floor Mezzanine.

After a short break we can continue up the glass staircase, located in front of our Financial Services offices and up to the mezzanine. Directly in front of us, you will notice more comfortable seating areas, a small Audi Boutique (your contact being Jessica Collins for any Audi gear); Audi Sport display - with a 2016 Audi S6 being showcased; and glass doors leading to our delivery area to your right. While checking out the Audi Boutique and overlooking the showroom at this unique section of the dealership, you might be enticed to enter the back right corner lounge. This room is what is known as the Audi Customer Private Lounge. Here you will notice a 70" plasma television, iPad's set-up with the Audi Configurator - ready to build your next dream Audi - and a Sample Wall with Exterior Colour, Inlay and Leather samples on display for a more visual and direct buying experience.

We'll walk back down the same glass staircase, through the Audi showroom and up the Customer elevator to the 3rd floor, administration area. This is where you will be introduced to our General Manager, Ernie Bugelli and additional support staff including our Business Development, Marketing and Administration staff. We have 110 full-time staff and an additional 15 part-time staff but, don't worry, we won't quiz you on our team until the end of the tour!

We will then head on up to the 4th floor, Service Shop. We can walk through the Tech lunchroom with 2 refrigerators, microwaves, vending machines and coffee machines for all staff to enjoy. In the back you will notice separate change rooms and showers for both men and women. You could truly live in this space!

After we circle back we will step out - into the safe walking area - to view the workshop. With state-of-the-art equipment, a dedicated heating and air conditioning system and personalized built-in toolboxes and lockers, this shop is a mechanic's dream…

And how do they get the cars up there, you ask? How about through the 5-story corkscrew ramp we haven't even mentioned yet?! Yup, 5-high, heated all the way up and it doesn't stop there with an additional 2 ramps allow 6th and 7th floor access across the lot. Check it out below.

Heading back into the Customer elevator, the 6th floor is our next destination. Passing the 5th floor (Service Parking) we will exit to see our Audi Certified Pre-Owned inventory. But please, watch your step down, heading through the doorway. As we take a look at the vehicle inventory on this floor we will head to the south-west area of the lot where we can take in the #6ixFromThe6th. Marvel in the entire downtown skyline, from east to west and be proud of our beautiful city #Toronto). It's also very hard to not notice the 401/DVP (404) interchange with its abundance of traffic at any given time of the day. The view from the 6th will have you mezmorized with traffic passing (or crawling) through the busy interchange. Gotta love Toronto!

After the #6ixfromthe6th we will head up one more floor to see the staff picnic area with rooftop patio. Also located at the top of the building is a life safety generator and a whole lot of parking.

We'll head back down the internal elevator to the 2nd floor (Sales Showroom) where we can rest after our journey through Audi Midtown Toronto. Enjoy a coffee, water or the good conversation. When you're ready, feel free to head back down the escalators and through the sliding glass doors.

We hope you enjoyed the tour and can't wait for you to visit us again!

How to get here.

The new Audi Midtown Toronto has been described as the CN tower of the north; you might not be sure how to get to it but you can see it from afar and follow it until you've reached your destination. That being said, we'd like to make it slightly easier for you and just map out how to get there right here on this page.

DVP/404, Northbound

Exit at Sheppard Avenue East

Head straight through the lights

Continue through to Yorkland Blvd.

404, Southbound

Exit at Fairview Mall Dr.

Exit towards Sheppard Ave. East.

Turn right onto Yorkland Rd.

Continue to Yorkland Blvd.

401, Eastbound/Westbound - Collectors

Take 404 NORTH

Keep right to exit at Sheppard Ave. East

Head straight through the lights

Continue through to Yorkland Blvd.