What's New with Audi in Toronto?

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What's new with Audi you ask? There's plenty to be excited about this year in the world of Audi. With loads of new models launching soon, events happening (past and upcoming) and new ventures coming along the way, we thought we would share the experience with you as we journey through this year and a packed upcoming 2019 season! Check below for our latest news and up to date information on many our many exciting adventures!

In case you missed it...

The Audi e-tron GT Concept

Audi recently made a touchdown at Super Bowl LIII.

Click the link below to view Audi's super bowl spot "Cashew".


Did you know?

Audi has introduced a new naming system for their incoming 2019 models.

January 22, 2018

Back in 2017, Audi had introduced a new naming system to replace the engine displacement numbers.  For example, for the A8 models, the 3.0 TSFI badge has been changed to the newly conceptualized A8 55 TFSI. With the 55 meaning this vehicle has 324hp to 363hp. This new badging system will not apply to S, RS or R8 models but will apply to the rest of the incoming 2019 model vehicles.

Audi Board Member Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter says that the change is to help drivers tell how powerful the car is, since with electrification and alternative tech the displacement no longer equals power output. "The clarity and logic of structuring the designations according to power output makes it possible to distinguish between the various performance levels."1

1 Williams, E. (2017, August 23). New Audi Naming is Completely Befuddling, Teutonically Logical. Retrieved from https://www.autotrader.ca/newsfeatures/20170823/new-audi-naming-is-completely-befuddling-teutonically-logical/

 New Badge
 Power Range
 25 Under 107hp
 30 108hp to 127hp
 35 145hp to 159hp
 40 165hp to 198hp
 45 223hp to 244hp
 50 278hp to 304hp
 55 324hp to 363hp
 60 423hp to 449hp
 70 Above 529hp
The table above shows the new badging system, along with it's meaning.

The new badge system will combine the existing model name for example, A4) and engine type (for example, TDI for diesel TFSI for petrol and e-tron for an electric motor) with the two-digit number indicating power. All new Audis will use the new format by next summer, but the company will continue to offer a 'delete badge' option, which will remove the power figures. 2