What is the AR App?

The augmented reality app is an application that can run on a tablet or
phone with a camera. The program can display a vehicle in any location where
you aim the camera and on screen, it will appear as if the automobile is there.
Augmented reality is different from virtual reality in that instead of a
created virtual world, the application can take the actual existing world and apply
objects to it, which makes it appear very realistic. This AR feature has usage
in office locations, in the gaming world, and in the auto industry.

What is a Personal Showroom?

A standard auto showroom is usually a location in an auto dealership
where cars are available for purchase and inspection by potential customers. A
personal showroom is where cars are available for inspection by individual
owners and is usually located in their own personal home or garage. This kind
of space needed is for those with larger amounts of wealth due to the size
needed. Many folks are unable to afford a luxury of a personal showroom because
of the high cost of owning several high-quality vehicles and the square feet to
display them.


Benefits of an App-based Showroom

An app-based showroom running on augmented reality benefits both Audi
and the consumer. A potential customer can inspect an Audi vehicle inside the comfort of their own
home or in their driveway. They do not have to take the time to
locate an Audi dealership, take the trip out there, and hope that the vehicle
is in stock. The app-based showroom helps Audi by allowing potential customers
review an automobile without having to make the extra effort of going outside
and dealing with salespeople. It’s a new way of attracting buyers alongside
visiting a dealership or just online photos.


Features of the Audi AR app

The Audi AR app allows anyone with a phone or
tablet to view Audi cars in a miniaturized or full-size version anywhere they
point their camera. It also allows users to build a custom personalized track
for users to test drive Audi vehicles. Currently, the app only allows views of
the Audi Quattro but there are plans to allow future prototypes in the app as
well. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the auto industry and
raise car purchases. The tech will also influence a younger demographic to buy
vehicles as they are quicker to adapt to changing technologies.

If you don’t have access to the Audi AR app take a moment to review the new Audi vehicles on your local
Audi dealerships website, they can tell you what’s new and available in an Audi
vehicle and even set you up for a test drive in the newest technologically
savvy Audi cars.

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