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Audi vehicles are known for premium quality, but even the vehicles of the highest calibre may require repairs. Audi After Care Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) covers many vehicle components that can potentially fail over time.

AudiAfter Care MBP vehicle coverage protects you from the cost of unexpected mechanical failures and the rising cost of vehicle repairs. Available on new, Audi Certified :plus and used vehicles.

Program highlights

Fully backed by Audi Canada
Lock-in future repair costs with today's money
Payable in affordable monthly installments
Quality new or remanufactured parts for Audi approved repairs
Experienced and licensed Audi technicians to perform your repairs
Coverage throughout Canada and the contiguous United States and Alaska
Valuable additional benefits including Car Rental Benefit, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance and Trip Interruption commence at time of purchase
Fully transferable to the next private owner
Maximizes the resale value of your vehicle

Levels of coverage

All coverage levels are available on New, Certified
Pre-Owned and eligible Used Audi Vehicles.²

Platinum Plan
Ultimate coverage for absolute peace-of-mind. All components are
covered other than a select list of exclusions.

Gold Plan
Extensive coverage across the powertrain and many other critical
vehicle components that can be costly to repair.

Sterling Plan
Essential protection for major powertrain components for your
Audi vehicle, with a maximum coverage limit of $4,000 per repair

Multi-media Software Package
(optional upgrade)

With this package, the cost of all Audi recommended software
updates to your vehicle's entertainment and navigation systems
are covered (up to $500).

Additional Benefits

In addition to the exceptional coverage which protects your
vehicle, Audi After Care MBP comes complete with an array of
added benefits, with no deductible.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance
You and your family can travel with confidence knowing that
you can rely on us for roadside assistance 24/7. You'll never be
stranded on the road.

Car Rental Benefit
Covers car rental expenses while your vehicle is being repaired
($50 per day, up to $200 per repair visit).

If you sell your vehicle, Audi After Care MBP is transferable to
the next private owner.

Trip Interruption
Reimbursement of lodging and meal expenses if your covered
vehicle breaks down while you are on a road trip and repairs last
overnight (up to $100 per day, up to $500 per repair visit).

Claim-Free Reward¹
If no claims have been filed or additional benefits utilized by
the time your Audi After Care MBP coverage expires, you may
choose from one of the following three reimbursement

A. Selling dealer will credit the total amount paid for your original
Audi After Care MBP contract towards the purchase of a new Audi
After Care MBP contract; or
B. A store credit at your selling dealer for the full amount paid for
your contract (inclusive of taxes) up to $2,000; or
C. A refund cheque of the amount paid for your contract (inclusive
of taxes) up to $1,000.

Coverage that delivers peace-of-mind

Mechanical breakdowns can happen when you least expect them and are often costly to repair. With Audi After Care Mechanical Breakdown Protection, you will enjoy:

The security of knowing that many common and expensive components are covered in the event that a breakdown occurs
Maximized resale value of your Audi with coverage that is transferable to the next private owner
24 Hour Roadside Assistance to help get your Audi back on the road as quickly as possible
Car rental coverage should your Audi be at the dealer for a covered repair

Typical repair costs

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, a quality repair may cost more than you think.3

 Engine replacement  $15,255
 Differential repair  $4,500
 Alternator replacement  $900
 Air conditioner repair  $1,520
 Fuel pump replacement  $545
 Radiator repair  $735
 Transmission replacement  $8,000
 Leaking cylinder head gasket  $2,585
 4 wheel drive transfer case repair  $3,790
 Master brake cylinder replacement  $525
 Power window motor replacement  $550
 Airbag assembly replacement  $1,350


It's always beneficial to read the fine print. Want to know what is not covered under Mechanical Breakdown Protection?

Here's what is excluded:

Accessory items

Cell phones, electronic keyless entry transmitter (key fob), non-factory audio equipment.

Maintenance-related items

Exhaust and emission systems, batteries, shock absorbers, MacPherson struts / mounting plates, clutch assembly, brake rotors and drums, friction clutch disc and pressure plate, light bulbs, fuses, throwout bearing, manual linkages, safety restraint systems (except air bags).

Cosmetic items

Glass, lenses, sealed beams, weather strips and trim items, moldings, bright metal and chrome, upholstery and carpet, paint, outside ornamentation, bumpers, body sheet metal and panels, frame and structural body parts.

Other exclusions may apply, see contract for details.


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1. Available on select Gold and Platinum Plans only. 2. Dealer to verify vehicle eligibility. 3. Vehicle repair costs can vary based upon many factors. The values above are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent your repair costs. 4. Refer to contract for full details. The contents provided in this brochure are only a summary of certain terms and conditions of the contract. Please refer to the actual contract for complete details of coverage and exclusions. The terms and conditions of the contract shall supersede the contents provided in this brochure. The contract may not be available in all Provinces or Territories and specific provisions may vary based upon individual provincial or territorial requirements. (E&OE). All rights reserved. "Audi" and the Audi logo are registered trademarks of AUDI AG