Salt, sand or kitty litter? They all create traction in snow and ice, but which is better under what circumstances?

Salt is cool because it melts snow in weather above 12 degrees and needs little to no cleanup. But what many do not know is that it is harmful to the plants around it when the salt dissolves. Salt is also expensive and hard to find at times.

Sand is good for your driveways and does not harm the environment when used. Clean up is also easy, as well as finding it in stores. Plus it is not expensive making it a great choice.

Kitty litter is good to keep in the vehicle in case it’s needed. When spread behind tires kitty litter can give enough traction to get out of a sticky spot. But the reason you do not want to use it on your driveway is that when it absorbs a lot of water, it becomes a sticky mess.

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